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So you’re thinking of moving to the cloud for your customer engagement solutions? According to Digital Journal, over 90% of all enterprises project to use cloud platforms to innovate and improve agility by 2021. Your peers and competitors are moving to cloud to improve the customer experience (CX) and lower costs.

With Verint in the cloud, you can enjoy a more secure, reliable and powerful experience. We deliver cloud innovations quickly and frequently, without lengthy time and resource-consuming upgrades.

  • Faster access to latest releases and new features
  • Flexibility to add more users or new features
  • Receive the same capabilities as on-premise
  • Reduce the financial technology burden
  • Strengthen security, performance and reliability

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Cloud Approaches: Total Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Transitioning to the Cloud

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Simon Rudkin

Vice President, Cloud and Hosting at Verint

Tony DeGruttola

Director, Solutions Consulting